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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bargaining Blonde

I went to a furniture closeout store today because I desperately need a new bed set.

I found one I really like! One of those "sleighbed" bed frames. It's unfinished pine so I can stain it any color/shade I want. It was definitely a reasonable price so I wanted it even more. Well, I talked to my dad and he said I should try and negotiate so I can get and even better deal.

I thought okay, I can do this. Well, I went up to the guy with a straight-faced-no bullshit look and offered him a price $30 less than the asking price.

And what did he do? He made me feel SO stupid! Literally, he laughed at me and said "No way. This is a great price. I sell hundreds of these, blah blah blah." He wanted nothing to do with me. I was so irritated! I mean, it's one thing to turn me down, but it's another when you make a girl feel completely stupid. Honestly, I was turning hot and red so I knew I had to leave.

I let it be and walked out of the store. However, I still really want that bed and will be going back tomorrow. Dang.

Any similar stories? This was just so dumb!

With love,

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