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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drive-Thru Confusion.

I have had quite the relaxing day! Last night we had people over at our house after my dad's softball game. We sat in the garage and drank and talked. It was fun! I ended up staying awake until 6 in the morning because of very interesting circumstances...and I'll just leave it at that!

Well today I was super tired so I slept until 2. I was quite lazy. I got up and my mom and I went to church at 4:30. After church my mom and I were looking for what to eat and I decided I wanted McDonald's and my mom wanted Taco John's. We went and got my MacDon's and then went to TJ's to get Mom's food. That's where it gets, um, typical we'll say. We are waiting for our turn in the drive-thru when we see this:

This is what the picture is...a guy trying to order food. Shouldn't be too difficult, should it? Well it must have been because we waited behind this guy for 10 minutes while he tried to explain to the worker what he wanted. He was using hand gestures and had his WHOLE head sticking out the window! OH! And his blinker was on. I mean, really? How much more stereotypical can this get?! I had quite the laugh.

I didn't really think ordering from the drive-thru was this difficult. This is one thing that really should NOT be able to be screwed up, but lo and behold...a guy can always make things difficult and not understand something so simple as a drive-thru! Well, that's a typical guy I guess!

Any interesting stories from your weekend so far?

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