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Saturday, December 31, 2011

There's no going back now.

2011 was the hardest year of my life. Emotionally and physically. There is no exaggeration there so I am so ready to say goodbye.

Here's a month by month recap. I have a horrible memory, though, so we'll see how this goes.


I rang in this year with Matthew and lots of new friends. I went back to school after Christmas break. I also went to an outdoor Vikings game. Brrrrr. I actually can't remember if this was December or January, but close enough.


I spent Valentine's Day with Matthew, making cakes and whatnot. ;)

I drove to Bemidji to go to the Blake Shelton concert with my mom!

Isn't she cute??


I have a love/hate relationship with this month. It's bad. First, Matthew and I went to Cabo. Ahhhmazing.

I celebrated my birthday.

March 16, 2011. I will never forget this date. The love of my life broke my heart. No words can describe the way I felt. I would not, could not (literally), eat.

So many things happened in March. After that disaster my mom drove up to stay with me. I honestly would not have gotten by if she hadn't.

Since I didn't want to do anything else, the rest of my school year consisted of working, working out (I really got into it after the breakup), and going home every single chance I got. Oh, and eating very little. I just couldn't do it. Moving onward.


April saw better days, albeit not many.

My brother's birthday is in April so I guess that counts. Easter and finals' week is about all April saw. Easter may have been in March though...


Moved out of Jamestown and didn't look back. I hung out with my best friend, Brianna (who literally kept me sane and listened to my sob stories and empathized with me), nearly every day.


I really picked up on my running and ran my first race! A 5K in the POURING rain.

That may have been May because in early June I went to Winstock!!

I also went to the Glee concert and multiple Twins baseball games.

Overall, June was a good month. This has gotten long so look for the second half of my year later! It starts out with meeting my beautiful niece. :)

I will say this:

First half of 2011, you really sucked ass. You tested me in ways I never thought I would have to be pushed and tested. I hope I never ever ever have to endure what you put me through, which was Hell. However, through darkness there always shows a light, and I became closer with family and friends like I never thought possible. My mom is now my best best friend and I wouldn't take that back for the world.

See ya later!

With love,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend in pictures and captions.



Long lost friend.

Ohhhh Merlot.

Good times with great friends.

Loverly weekend at home. Can't wait to do it again started Thursday. :)

I hope all my friends had a fantastic weekend as well.

This morning I drove 3 hours at 8:30am and then worked for 8.5 hours. Needless to say, I'm pooped.

With love,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Things I'm Loving--The "I can't sleep because I never go to bed before 2:30 because I work all night" Edition.

Whew! That was a loooong title. Anyyyway...

I am absolutely loving:

- Being home for the weekened. Since I have to work and can't be home all of Christmas break, home this weekend is ahhhmazing.

- The fact that I just signed up for this race!

It's going to be one chilly morning run! I'm doing the 10K by the way...:)

- Spongebob Squarepants. Seriously I cannot get enough. Call me crazy but I laugh at every single dang episode...and if that makes me childish, then so be it.

- That I just ordered some new books for my Kindle. It makes running so much easier!

- Christmas music.

- The fact that I just signed a lease--with NEW friends--for next year's housing situation! Way better than the shithole I live in now.

- My appreciation for the gym I have in my college town. You see, I work out at Anytime Fitness, so I can go to any gym at any time. I went to the gym here in my hometown today and ran...got off the treadmill and couldn't walk because the treadmills are from the stoneage. Upgrade please? I think all gyms should have the same equipment...

- The new skirts I bought tonight to put together a Christmas outfit!

- The bonds I have with each of my parents. So, so, so special and means so much to me.

I think that's enough! I am loving so much more but there are only so many words I can write before people start to get bored. ;)

Goodnight lovelies! I hope you all have a great weekend.

With love,

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's been a while.

Fall 2011 semester of college is OVER! As in bye bye, see ya, sienara, adios, peace out bi******!! :)

But seriously. I've missed blogging and talking to my friends so much! It's nice to finally relax and not have to worry about homework or studying all the time!

Hopefully I'll be showing my face around these parts of the Internet more often now.

Starting with today right before I went to work out!

And then after work when I ate a Christmas tree cake.

And my outfit from work Friday. Some people were probably like "what is she wearing??" But I loved it and that's all that matters!

I think that's all for now! Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! I work every day until Thursday when I am going HOME HOME HOME. I am beyond excited. Can you tell?

I miss last year when I got to go home for my WHOLE Christmas break but now I have to work so I can't. :( Oh the joys of being broke!

Nighty night, friends. I realize it's 3am but this lady doesn't have to work until 5:30pm tomorrow. So I cozied up and popped in a movie.

With love,

Monday, November 21, 2011


Today is Monday. But you will not find me reflecting on my memories of the fun weekend I had or how damn excited I am for Thanksgiving and being with family. My family.

Instead, I want to tell you guys something. A small community in my town was just torn apart. A little boy named Jack was in a four-wheeling accident on November 8th. He is 9. Was 9. This morning he passed.

A little boy of only a mere 9 years old went to Heaven today. All his family is grieving today, as expected, and their Thanksgiving dinner is going to be very different this year.

So today, instead of worrying about small things like making rent, the latest celebrity gossip, or what to make for dinner tonight, be thankful for those little things you actually have to worry about.

This community of family and friends who were torn apart by Jack's passing are going to hug their siblings, friends, children, spouses, and family members extra tight tonight. And I know when I go home this weekend I am going to do the same.

Please be extra thankful for all that you have this Thanksgiving and every day and please send your prayers to this little boy's family who needs a lot of prayers right now.

With love,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A toolbag. No, not a bag of tools.

I went out last night! And I have a story! First of all here's what I wore:

Shirt: Gap; Jeans: Buckle
I looooove this shirt. So comfy and so "me."

I had fun for the most part but then I got a stomach ache and no longer wanted to drink so that was no fun.

We started out at a small house party which was fun AND I met a cuuuuute guy. Toward the end of the time at the house we talked a lot and kind of just got to know each other. He seemed super sweet and really nice. But just wait...

After the house we went to the bar. There were 5 of us including the cute guy...I'll call him Guy...(original, right?)

So it was Guy, me, Guy's brother and his girlfriend, and one other of their friends. We went to the bar and had some fun...they played pool, we danced, etc. I may or may not have made out with Guy on the dancefloor. By the way...since no one I really know knows about my blog, I kind of use it as an online diary. So if this stuff is TMI...too bad. Back on track!

We closed the bar and walked over to Jimmy Johns. I didn't get anything but a couple of the guys did. Everyone except for Guy and me left so we were by ourselves. My apartment is only a few blocks from the bar we were at so I was fine with walking home...except for the fact that I didn't have my apt. key. Fail. Welllll, Guy's apartment happens to be in the same complex as mine, only a different building about 2 down from mine. So we started walking there and he kept saying stuff like "you don't have your key?" or "we can't go to my apt." Stuff like that. Unlike me, Guy was quite a bit inebriated by this point. Logically, I asked why we couldn't go to his apt and he asked if he could tell me the truth. Obviously I wanted to know so he says...

Wait for it....

Waaaaiiiiitttt for ittttt....

A few seconds longerrrrr.....

"Well...I'm kind of, sort of, in a relationship thing."

Here is what I wanted to say to him: "ARE YOU F*$@ING KIDDING ME?!?!"

I was so upset.
1) I am not a cheater.
2) I dislike  hate cheaters.
3) I will not aid in you cheating on your girlfriend.

Needless to say, we still walked back to his apt. Afterall, I didn't have my apt key and my roommates weren't answering their phones. So I was going to stay on the couch until I could get a hold of someone or call a taxi to bring me to my car so I could drive back and then I would have my keys. Guy and I may or may not have kissed some more and whatnot. I will say that he did want to do other stuff but I said absolutely NOT. So he went to bed and my cousin came and picked me up. Then I got home and went to bed.

I have one question...why do I always end up meeting the toolbags?? I am 0/3 right now with the most recent guys I have met. It's pretty ridiculous. OH and that's not the end of it! Guy then facebook messaged me today and said he had fun and wanted to hang out again and even said I was "sexy." HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, PEOPLE.

What is wrong with the humanity of men these days? This just further proves my mistrust for men. And I can no longer stand it. I feel bad for the next decent guy who comes around and doesn't get any trust from me because of previous encounters.

End of toolbag story.

My mommy is coming tomorrow!!! Super duper excited for that.

That's all.
Thanks for listening.

With love,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Obviously I'm super stoked about winning something, anything, but this was so much better.

Christie over at www.changingfromfattofit.com had a giveaway last week and I won a book titled Run Like A Girl AND some PureFit energy/protein bars!! (I would have posted the link to her blog but I'm blogging from my iPhone while I get my oil changed and I can't put the link!)

I hafta say...I never win anything and so this is just so dang exciting!

If you don't already, you have to go follow her. She is a down to earth, awesome person! I may be a little biased because she runs and hunts just like I do, but still!

Thank you so much, Christie!!

With love,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hours in the day.

There just aren't enough. There's no way I can SLEEP (because that always always comes first), do homework, socialize, work, and maintain a healthy lifestyle all in 24 hours.

I am a clean person, I really am. Granted, I'm not the cleanest person I know (because at times I just don't have time to keep everything looking spotless. But I like things to be clean.

Exhibit A of proof I don't have enough time:

This is a HUGE MOUND of everything imaginable because I don't have time to clean.

Exhibit B:

Another (smaller) mound.

It's absolute madness around these parts in my life. The end of the semester is near and every part of my life reflects that.

I mean, check out my outfit here. I don't even have time to do laundry so I ran out of sweatpants. Because obviously I don't wear jeans to class.

Hence the reason for SHORTS, a t-shirt, and Ugg boots in 30 degree weather.

Life just needs to pause for an hour so I can get.stuff.done.



I think if I didn't sleep so much I could get stuff done, but that's just not in the books.

With love,

Weekendings...I know it's Tuesday

Went home again this weekend and hunted. I didn't see a single thing. Darn. But I got some awesome pictures! Take a look...

Sunset. :)

So gorgeous.

My best friend was home, too!!!

We had breakfast together Sunday morning and were so excited to see each other. It's been 108 days!! That's way too many.

And that was my weekend. I worked last night and wore something I wouldn't normally...

I NEVER wear tights but thought they were super cute. In fact, they're chevron printed. Take a closer peek!

I actually got them from a blog swap I did! I'll post about that later.

Hope you are having a great week, friends.

With love,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's 9:00 on a Saturday

I woke up today at 4:45 and texted my dad to see if we were going hunting (yes, he was only upstairs in his bedroom). He didn't answer nor were there any lights on in the house so I crawled back into bed and fell asleep. Oops.

He woke my brother and I up at 6:30 in not the greatest mood because we woke up late for hunting. Double oops.

However, I thought it was kind of funny. ;)

I went hunting and didn't see a dang thing but managed to get some pretty cool pictures if I do say so myself. I also edited them in Instagram on my iPhone. Take a look!

Either this one or the next one is my favorite.

Love the coloring in this one!

NEED that got chocolate on the cold morning!

When I look up...

Hey there. :)

Same picture as before only unedited.

Gotta love what you'll do when you're bored!

I went hunting with my dad tonight in the same stand. We usually do that once a year and I love it. Great father-daughter time. :) However, again...we didn't see anything.

Tomorrow morning is my last time going out so wish me luck!

Nighty night, sheep counters.

With love,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's get physical, physical.

I am HOME for the weekend again! :)

I got home last night around 9 and had a "pizza night" with one of my great friends from high school. We used to have pizza nights religiously but lately since we are both at different places and are so, so busy, we haven't had a pizza night in a while.

Last night Sam got to my house around 9:15. We caught up on EVERYTHING which was so much needed because, frankly, we don't talk that often. As soon as we knew it, it was a little after 11 and I'm like, "Oh my gosh! Is Domino's closed???" So immediately I called and thankfully they were open (whew!).

We went and picked up the pizza, ate and chatted some more, and then went to bed where we continued to talk until the wee hours of the night. Typical girl sleepover. So wonderful.

Today I went shopping with my mom and grandma. My mom and I are running a 5K on Thanksgiving and so we figured we needed some warm clothes because it'll probably be south of 30 degrees the morning of the run! It was a major success and I pretty much broke the bank. Even though I was shopping with Mom, she doesn't tend to buy me clothes like she used to....

After shopping and eating we came home and rented some Christmas movies and ate some more. I mean, what better way to spend a Friday night, right? Right.

I'm off to bed because it's an early morning for me tomorrow! Hunting again and leaving at 5:30am...

Make sure to make a wish at 11:11 on 11-11-11! Which for me is right................................................................................NOW. *Silence* Just made mine. That's a lot of 11s so this wish BETTER come true.

Nighty night, loves.

With love and wishes,

P.S. The title? We stopped to eat lunch before we went shopping and the sports bar we went to was playing this at some point. I thought it was funny and reminded me of Sue Sylvester on Glee. Love that show. Okay, enough randomness.

Hope you all are having a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend! I'm not sure if that spelling is right or if that is an adjective but it sounded good to me. Adios! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Male Population Randomness

As I mentioned way back when, I went out on a date with a guy I met at a wedding. I really liked him and thought we hit it off well. I went to his house a few more times and he drove down to my apartment once also (we live an hour and 20 minutes apart).

It finally came to the point where we had to have "the talk." I needed to know what he was thinking and vice versa.

Well to make a long story short, he told me he didn't think he had time to commit to a relationship with work and the busy time of the season. Whatever, I was kind of fine with it. I decided I'd stop talking to him because that would make it easier for me. So I did.

He had texted me a few more times since we talked about things and I texted back but I mostly blew it off because I didn't want my heart involved in something I knew wasn't going to happen.

About a week went by with no talking. Until Monday night. HE texted me. We talked for a little bit and the conversation lapped over to Tuesday. Tuesday night's conversation went a little like this:

Me: What are you up to tonight?

Him: Icing my hamstring and watching the tube. You?

Me: Avoiding writing papers by making banana bread.

Him: I love banana bread!

Me: Me too! I'm a pretty dang good baker too. :)

Him: What the heck. Why didn't I ever reap the benefits of these great cooking skills?

Me: You didn't stick around long enough to reap those benefits!

Him: I know. I suck and am an idiot.

Me: Only sometimes.

Him: Yeah mostly true.

Then I changed the subject because I didn't know what else to say...

Me: Isn't it your bedtime?

Him: Yep just crawling in now. It's freezing too because it's getting closer to winter!

Me: Better crank the heat!

Him: I added two more blanket and a space heater so as long as your under the covers it's fine.

Me: Or cuddling with someone.

Him: That would be so so so much better. You want to drive up tonight?

Me: Um...not tonight.

Him: So not tonight implies some other night? :)

Me: Well maybe...

And then he went to bed. I'm kind of bitter toward him because he made me upset when he told me he didn't want a relationship after seeing eachother for over a month.

But WHAT is THIS??????

I'm so confused. Is he changing his mind now? I'm glad I laid it on thick last night. A few times I really wanted to say "ooh burn" or "how does that make you feel" or "ouch."

Haha. But that's just me.

Right now I'm waiting in the Elementary Education office for an appointment and there was a major hottie in here. And I look like a scrub. Go figure.

P.S. I haven't seen any good looking guys on campus YET. Where did this one come from?

With love,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hunting Opener!

Disclaimer: If you are opposed to the killing of any animal, do not read this post.

My last post was also about day one of hunting but this one is even better.

As I was sitting up in my stand I heard some noise. Usually the noises are squirrels and chipmunks because as I have found out, deer are super quiet. So I'm looking around and I see white and brown. I wasn't facing the way I had to shoot so I had to maneuver around to be able to shoot. As I was moving I knocked a few things and made a little noise which then in turn made all THREE deer scatter. I was super bummed as I didn't even have them in my scope.

So I'm watching some more and all of the sudden I hear something again. I turn to look and at the slightest glimpse I see an ear. Yep, in the super brushy woods I pick out an ear. I keep watching and see the snout. I get my gun up and find the deer in my scope. ANTLERS! But, it is perfectly aligned BEHIND a pine tree so I cannot see any part of the body of the deer. So I wait. And my heart is pounding like crazy. And I wait. More pounding...breath. And I wait more. 10 minutes I sit there with this deer in my scope until finally some squirrels behind me make some noise which makes this deer turn broadside.

3...2...1...BANG! The deer dropped dead in its tracks...literally. Not even a high buck jump! I waited for a little while but was way too excited so I climbed out of my stand and walked over to it. I saw that it wasn't as big as I originally thought, but I was still so excited. Here are a few pictures.

I am still so excited I got something my first day. Eek!

I went out again at about 3:30 with my younger brother. We didn't see anything but we had fun with the camera...

We had fun! :)

I'm taking the morning off tomorrow because I'm babysitting my niece and giving my mom a break.

Then I am going to quilt bingo with my grandma! We go every year kind of as a grandma and me type thing and it is so much fun!

With love,

Day 1

I went to bed last night at 12:30...probably not a great idea since I had to get up at 5:30. But hey, my mom and I were watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders which is obviously better than sleeping.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, got dressed, and finished packing all my hunting wear into my car. My little brother and I ran to the gas station to grab some hot chocolate and then back home we went. We are fortunate enough to live really close to the land we hunt on so no "hunting shack" is needed!

At about 6:30 I left my house and drove about 15 minutes to where I hunt. I put on my orange and boots, loaded my gun, and headed out to the woods.

I finally climbed up in my stand and got all settled about 5 minutes ago which would make that about 7:10. It's going to be a beautiful morning. Fortunately, I haven't had to turn on my heater because it's pretty warm out (as warm as the weather could get on hunting opener in MN) despite the wind.

Even though I hate the cold so dang much, this really is one of my favorite times of year. I get to sit up in this tree stand and reflect to myself. It's just time to myself where I don't have to worry about one thing and I can just breathe. And I think we all need that.

As I was walking out to my stand I saw a huge buck scrape on a tree so that got me a little excited. I've never seen a deer from this stand so I was a little leery on wanting to come to this stand...but I think it'll be okay.

I'm already hearing gun shots...how? I have no clue because it's still dark out! Crazy people, I tell ya.

Here is my morning so far:

I really don't think you can see anything from this. It's a pretty pathetic iPhone picture and it doesn't do the woods justice right now. It's lighter than what the picture shows!

Updates later...I'm going to open some hot, hot chocolate.

Happy deer hunting! And to all those who aren't hunting, happy weekending, friends.

With love,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweet Giveaway!

No, not me...but my awesome blog friend, Christie, is having one!

You have a chance to win a book called "Run Like A Girl" AND 3 PureFit Bars!

Who doesn't love to win FREE stuff??? I know I do.

So head on over to her blog and first follow it, (because she's amazing, you know) and second enter that giveaway!

With love,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Happies

I've mentioned how adorable my niece is on here before. But I got this picture and it immediately brightened my day.

That's all for now, folks!

With love,

Blogger Award!

This weekend I received my very first Blogger Award from the wonderful Christie at Changing From Fat to Fit!! She is such a sweet person with a HUGE heart who blogs all about running and staying fit!

You'll definitely want to follow her because she is really one of the coolest bloggers I know! ;)

Anywho...I guess I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself before awarding this award to some more bloggers!

Random Facts:

- I love to sing. I sing in the choir here at college and I am also a wedding singer, funeral singer, and I song lead at church! So if you know anyone who needs a musician at her wedding...!

- I started this blog to keep me busy and my mind off things right after my now ex-boyfriend broke up with me.

- I absolutely LOVE Smarties. My favorite, non-chocolate candy by far.

- I am going to run a half-marathon in June and maybe May, too!

- I REALLY want to do a Warrior Dash.

- I have two tattoos. One is a tribute to my grandpa on my foot and the other is my last name on my side. I am also badly craving another one...

- I am an avid hunter and can't wait to get out in the stand this weekend!

I am supposed to award 15 people this blog award as well, but I think 5 is more of an appropriate number because in all honesty, I do follow more than 15 blogs, but I don't talk to a lot of the ones I read. If that makes sense. And there is no where in the rules that says I can't change it to 5!

And the winners are...(In no particular order)...

A sweet wife of a traveling PT and mom of a furbabe, Bella.

A very dedicated future elementary teacher and bride to be!

An exercising fashion expert!

My real life best friend.

A crazy awesome athlete! She also does a lot of giveaways...:)

So there you have it!

I'm off to bed...it's crazy late and I'm STILL tired from the weekend.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday, friends.

With love,

Monday, October 31, 2011

A List of Happenings.

-Happy Halloween! My Halloween celebrations were on Saturday. I had SO.MUCH.FUN. Pictures:

Do you know who I am?

I had to show this one. He dressed up as a stripper pole! Seriously?? Haha!

-I had a choir concert on Sunday and my parents and younger brothers came here to watch. I've missed them.

-I got TWO packages in the mail today!!! One from Brianna (best friend who lives 5 hours away) which was a Halloween card and Smarties! (My favorite candy). The other packages was my iPHONE!!!!! I preordered it way back on October 14th. I was so excited to get it today! Yippeeee!

-I got my first blogger award! (Post on that later).

-It's my ex-boyfriend's birthday today so I'm all up in a flux because it's weird.

-Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce?!?!?! Wowwww....

-I already cannot wait for the weekend...HUNTING. Really there is nothing more to say. My bother and his babe (my niece) are also flying in from Illinois on Thursday. I can't wait to see them!

How freaking adorable is she???

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!

With love,

P.S. I wanted to give a shoutout to my blog friend, Christie, who just ROCKED her first half marathon! Great job, Christie! :)