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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away.

During the Summer number dates don't really apply to me too much unless I have something planned.

That would be why I forgot that yesterday was the 2nd...the third year anniversary of my grandpa's passing.

You see, this year my grandpa would be turning 60. Meaning that he was 57 when he died from cancer. He was diagnosed about 4 years ago with kidney cancer and after radiation and chemotherapy, the tumors had overcome his brain, and had also spread to his spine and shoulder. All the tumors were too dangerous to remove so they continued with the radiation, chemotherapy, and dialysis he was doing three times a week.

Eventually he realized this was not the life he wanted to live. He was such an independent person and did not want people to have to take care of him anymore. After knowing that my grandma was as ready as she could have been to be without him (because that's just the kind, loving husband he was), he made the decision to discontinue his dialysis and other medications.

Words can't describe how much I miss him and wish he were still here. He was such an amazing person. One of my favorite memories of him is when he taught me how to waterski! Another favorite was when he asked my mom to ask me if I would sing at his funeral. It was so heartwarming to know that he wanted ME to sing for him. I don't know how I pulled it together, but I was able to sing the whole mass without problems or tears. I honestly believe Mick (Grandpa) gave me the strength to get through it.

I still cannot comprehend why God makes some of the decisions he does, but he better have a pretty damn good reason for taking my grandpa away from all his family.

About two-three weeks before he passed away, my older brother and I got tattoos in honor of him. We were lucky enough to be able to show him, and boy was he shocked. Tears and words of  "why would they do that for me?" is all he could say. That shows how humble of a man he actually was. He would do anything for you, no questions asked.

Here is that tattoo. I absolutely love it.
It's on the top of my foot. In the picture my toes are in the bottom right hand corner!

There isn't a day that goes by thta I don't think about you, Grandpa.
I know you're up in Heaven being the handyman that you are.
Please continue to look down over your family and know we are thinking you you!
We love you.

With love,

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