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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I finally jumped on the bandwagon and saw Bridesmaids! You guys...if you haven't seen this movie, you HAVE to...like, you don't even have a choice. It is so freakin' funny! I went with my mama to this movie tonight and we couldn't stop laughing.

You really will laugh so hard.

That is all! :)

With love,

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend...

Was full of fun!


I pretty much didn't do anything all day Friday. Not that I remember anyway so it must not have been too important if I did do anything! Every year around this time, my town holds the "Dam Festival." The Mississippi River flows right through the middle of our town with, you guessed it, a dam! So there is a park where this festival is held. Music, street dance, parade, fireworks, food...the whole shebang. Well...I didn't go. I've gone in past years but it's just not that appealing to me so if I have something else going on, I wouldn't rearrange my plans to be able to attend the Dam Festival. And I did have other plans. I babysat :) Friday night I babysat a 10 month old cutie patootie little boy named Michael. He's so fun and I love bebes.


Saturday was the most fun part of the weekend. I was in a golf tournament ALL day long. Well, okay, not all day...but it seemed like it. That 18 holes of golf can get pretty lengthy. I was on a team with my dad and two other people. Usually the women ride in one cart and the men ride in another cart. This year was no exception. I was with a lady named Shirley. SUUUUPPPEEERRRRRR fun! I know her daughter, so I guess now I know where her daughter gets her personality from! We had so much fun. I made jello shots, she bought other drinks...it just led to a good time.

Here is me and my dad. :)

And Shirley and me!

After the golf tournament we went to the house of the people who put on the tournament for a potluck. That was also very fun. After THAT we went to my cousin's graduation party of which I have no pictures from. :( But let me tell you...that was really fun too. We played bean bags (my favorite outdoor game) in which I dominated. However, we lost out in the tournament because my partner couldn't pull his own weight. Let's just say that my shoulders were starting to hurt really badly from all the weight I was carrying! ;) My bedtime that night was 2:30am...yeah. BUT...you can't beat fun with friends and family and alcohol! It was a good ol' time!


Sunday was a day of doing nothing all day. I came home from the graduation party, (we slept over...for obvious reasons) took a shower, and went back to bed! I was so, so tired. It was Father's Day, though, so later I did some yard work and then the family and I went out to Perkins for a delicious supper. Let's just say I had a massive food baby. We then came home and continued to do nothing all night. My favorite.


During the week (Monday-Thursday) I coach girls softball and boys baseball. My softball girls had a game this morning against another town. We WON! Woooo! Even though there are some things we REALLY need to work on, I am proud of my girls for doing their best. I mean, we've only had practice three times. So needless to say, I'm pretty happy.

I also ran today! It felt oh so good good gooooooood. I just love working out. Honestly, I never want to go to the gym but as soon as I'm done I feel so ahhhmazing! Well! there's a recap of my weekend...hope I didn't bore you too much!

Have a great rest of the week. :)

With love,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Okay so...

So...we all have those days that I talked about in the two posts before this one, right? It's not just me being a baby?

I just wanted to make sure you all know that I'm NOT usually like that! Just in case you may have gotten the wrong impression of me. :)

That is all.

With love,

Friday, June 17, 2011

She made me do it.

So...today I told the best friend that I hate the mood I'm in today. You can probably tell from earlier post.

Conversation we had:

Me: "I hate the mood I'm in today."

BF: "Explain yourself."

Me: "I'm teary. I'm moody. I'm sad. I don't want to be in my body. I'm complaining. I want to work out but then again I don't. I want food. I'm fat. I'm lonely. I want 'insert ex's name here'. I want 'insert new boy interest here' to talk to me. I don't want to be so dependent on others. 'Insert good friend's name here' hates me. All the 'insert ex's family's name here' hate me. I hate me. I want the sun. I want to talk to my mom. I hate all songs. I can't stop crying. Uggghhhhhhhhhhh. :( :( :( And I want school to start."

BF: "Bahahahahahahaah. I want you to blog this. I love you. I don't mean to laugh, but it's funny. Remember, just breathe. Everything will work out."

I did not want to blog this but she made me. And to be honest...I'm not so sure everything will work out. I had a plan. And now that plan went down the shitter. Excuse my language. I'm such a mess. Let's hope tomorrow will be better. I'm golfing in a tournament all day and if this feeling doesn't pass over...I'm not going to be so much of a good golfer. Wehhh. (That's supposed to be a crying noise...)

With love,

H.E.L.P meeee!

Today I just want to get away from myself. Seriously. How does one get away from herself? Even I'm sick of me...

Yep...this is what I would like to happen. Can anyone help me? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

With love,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Live and Learn.

My mom comes up with the best one-liners.

Granted, they are one-liners that many, many people before her have said.

For example: "Just breathe." She gave me this little piece of advice when I was going through the worst heartbreak I have ever experienced in my life. Literally, I didn't think I could overcome what had happened to me. However, with my mom as one of my best friends, I survived. I'm one of those girls who is lucky enough to have the relationship with my mom that I do. She is awesome. She doesn't say too much unless I ask her advice, but when she does talk, everything means so much to me and helps me through any tough situation.

Another example:

This past weekend when I was at Winstock (Post on that to come later. I am currently on the family computer which does not have my pictures on it...and I'm sure you want pictures!) there was some major drama. Imagine this...best friend and I go to Winstock. I am also really good friends with the ex's sister. Ex and sister were there, too. Catch that? Ex and I are not on good terms. Catch THAT? Anywho...alcohol and emotions and other guys and more emotions and more alcohol. Needless to say, I needed help. I was accused of doing something that wasn't appropriate in the eyes of the ex and his sister and their family. Which is NOT true. It may sound bad...but I just don't really want to go into detail. If you really must know, email me. :)

Where is this relevent to one-liners? Okay...so I tell my mom almost everything. I told her the story from the weekend and what everyone said about me, blah blah blah. And she said "Well, live and learn I guess." Which thinking about it now, she is SO correct.

When you live, you learn...how to act in certain situations.

When you live, you learn...who your friends are.

When you live, you learn...the difference between right and wrong.

When you live, you learn...what you want and do not want.

When you live, you learn...what you are capable of.

After more advice from the weekend from someone other than my mom, I learned that I need to take everything in. I am young, talented, (don't worry, I'm not being conceited), etc., and I need to just go outside, spread open my arms and conquer the world. I need to walk out my front door, take a deep breath, and say "THIS is what I have in front of me." I have everything I could ever want if I try hard enough for it. So, thank you anonymous advice giver for this great advice that I will always remember. It is greatly appreciated. Because even though I know I can do what I want, it took another person to tell me that only I define me.

I just wanted to share all this advice because I know it's not only for me. Everyone should be told this advice once in their life. So that's why I'm telling you.

So live life the way you want to. Nothing defines you but you.

With love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Please Accept My Apology...

Yesterday and today have been pretty annoying. So I apologize that I have not updated my little bloggy on how my weekend was. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will explain almost everything!

Thank you for your patience :)

With love,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out Of The Office.

I canNOT wait for tomorrow! I am leaving for Winstock Music Festival! My friend and I have been planning this year's trip ever since we got back from last year's FUN time at Winstock.

Last year the weather was not so great...we had to go buy rainboots because it had rained SO much that the mud was a foot high everywhere. No lie. This year it doesn't look as bad but I am pretty sure there is a chance for rain again. :( However, as long as I have my drinks and country music I think I will be a-okay!

I will be away from this little bloggy until Sunday. Boo. BUT! When I get back I will have lots and lots of updates about the weekend and my amazing time seeing all these great artists.

Happy (early) weekend "y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

P.S. I do have a cowboy hat and cowboy boots for this very country event. :)

With love,

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Days of Your Life.

Summer is...

Friends, water, sun, and a rope swing.

OH...and tan lines!

And tomorrow we are going floating/tubing down the river!

Happy "Finally feels like Summer," everyone!

With love,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What The Weekend Held...

Oh the lovely weekend. It was indeed very lovely. For the first weekend of the summer we had SUN! And let me tell you...it was hot, hot, hot.

Friday night, after my dad got done playing softball, we drove down to the cities to watch my little brother's baseball tournament. It was a really fun time and they ended up taking FIRST in the whole tournament! Congratulations to them...they are 10! They definitely worked for the win, though. We went into extra innings in the championship game. Boy was that a nail biter! If that's what happens when I watch my brother, I can't imagine how it's going to be when I have my own child. That won't be for a while...but still!

Tan lines and painted toe nails.

My toesies needed that. I must say that I hate painting my toe nails because of the fact that I am such a perfectionist that it takes me for.ev.er. to paint my nails because there can't be any paint anywhere but the nail. I hate myself for it sometimes!

Sunburn...enough said. Yes, it hurts as bad as it looks. Yes, I DID put sunscreen on! I guess my body isn't used to the sun after the LOOOONG Minnesota winter! Today I got to sit in the shade though, so that was amazing.

I had a fantastic weekend with my family! :) I hope everyone else enjoyed the weather as much as I did!

With love,

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I guess you could say I am a Gleek. I'll admit to it and I'm NOT ashamed! I absolutely love Glee. I aspire so much to be one of those actresses.

Secret: I get chills and teary eyed EVERY time I watch Glee...and now at the Glee Live Concert! (Corny I know, but that is my dream. If I could have anything in the world it would be to be able to dance and sing in front of a crowd or on TV for my career.)

So last night I went with my friend, Sam, to the Glee concert in the cities. We had nosebleed seats...but I didn't care. I tried to get better seats from a friend who was working there, but to make a long story short, she was busy and wasn't able to get us different seats. :( Oh well...at least she tried! Back to the concert...it was ahhh-mazing. Despite the screaming girls sitting right behind us, I had such a fun time listening to all the songs I love from Glee. Oh..and Puck was pretty easy on the eyes as well! And yes, they all sound just as GREAT live as they do on TV. Crazy, right?!

After the show we stopped at Champps in Maple Grove for a bite to eat. Waffle fries...YUM YUM YUM. I got home at 1:30 and went to bed at 2. Needless to say I was pretty sleepy today. BUT, well worth it!

Enjoy some pictures :)

I won't overload with too many pictures so this is all ya get!

Have a great night!

With love,