I'm just a simple girl who loves the summertime and being with friends and family. I love my life!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Long Days...

...are made when these three are crabby as can be.

Like today.

With love,

Monday, May 14, 2012


I had a whole blog post written.

Almost complete with pictures.

And then I tried to load said pictures.

And then the whole post deleted itself.

It's Monday.

And now I'm crabby.

With love,

Friday, May 4, 2012

As we speak I am on my way to my way to my old stomping grounds! Good ol' Jamestown, ND and boy is this drive filled with nostalgia.

As I was driving I remembered when I used to make this drive after the weekend spent at my boyfriend's.

I thought about all the tear-filled drives I would make because I didn't want to go back.

I thought about many a car ride up here where I could just drive and think and jam.

And now that I've been thinking, I thought about the drive I made up here the night my boyfriend told me he didn't think he felt the same about us anymore.

BUT...there is always a but. This weekend is about FUN and CELEBRATING. I cannot wait to see my old friends.

And being back in that town? That, my friends, will be the ultimate nostalgia. I just want to wrap that town in my arms and not have to say goodbye this time.

There are sure to be a few good times and pictures so I'll see you back here on Monday!

Have a good weekend, lovers.

With love,


Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Year.

Oofta I was busy yesterday I didn't even realize it was the 27th! Which means I have had this little blog for one whole year.

I've posted about nonsense and I've posted about things that really have affected me in someway. Regardless, I love how I can let my heart out on here ad it doesn't matter.

So whoever reads this little space of mine, thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time. :)

With love,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Week Left.


Yes, I have been away from my little blog for a while, but soon enough I will be back. I have been so busy with school and work and more school and more work. But it will all be done in TWO weeks! Really it's only one week of school left and then next week I have two finals, but one is extra credit. Easy peasy.

So here we go...one more week of hell and then I'll be back with lots to talk about..promise!

With love,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Real Time

Real time...

I am way too tired to be awake right now yet I can't find the motivation to put on some jammies and crawl under my covers into my nice clean sheets.

I spent far too much money at Walmart today. :( Spending that amount of money is no fun unless it's on new clothes. And let me tell you...I did not spend an arm and a leg on new clothes at Walmart.

My roommate is being ridiculous. My other roommate moved out (so that makes two of us left) and so now we don't have a couch...or any furniture for that matter. I bought a kitchen table today and she won't even ask her grandparents (who live in this town) to bring over the couch she has at their house. How is that right?? It's not.

I get to see my dad and younger brothers tomorrow for a split second! My car was being poopy so it's been home with my parents getting fixed and I need to meet them tomorrow to pick it back up...she is healthy again!

I miss my niece. Like, unbelievable amounts. She is such a little doll and I canNOT wait until they move closer. Whenever that will be...sigh.

Not to jinx it *knocks on wood* but I started talking to a boy. A very cute boy, for that matter. Actually, he started talking to me...I'll keep you updated. He's from Canada, eh?!

Hope you loves are having a great weekend.

With love,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Instagram Sunday--Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!

1. Oh, heeyyyy.

2. On our way to see Jodi Picoult. Author of My Sister's Keeper, etc.

3. Jodi signing my book!!

4. Good hair day.

5. OBSESSED with this jacket.

6. Sweatin' like a champ.

7. Sure, get comfy!

8. Birthday bling!

9. Birthday drank with my best friend.

10. Happy birthday to me. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend! My spring break is now over and I have to go back to school today for classes tomorrow. Sad day. :(

With love,