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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Present Shopping.

It was my best friend, Brianna's, birthday on July 6th. Since I was in Illinois and then in the cities over the course of the 2-3 weeks around her birthday, I kind of kept putting off getting her a birthday present. Well, since Friday (yesterday) wasn't so busy, I finally got to go to a cute little boutique store in my town and pick something out. The store is called Ambiance and has so many cute things! Well I ended up picking out a necklace that I got to make myself. A charm necklace, if you will. The chain already had a little bead on it and then I added another charm that says "Celebrate Friends" and then another charm that is a ring. Since I got one for myself, too, it is the same as hers. Kind of brings be back to elementary school with the best friend bracelets or necklaces!

We also established some ground rules for these necklaces...

1. You cannot just go out and buy a charm. It has to be on an occasion and for the other person.
2. You can never take any charms off.
3. No gawdy charms allowed.

The last one cracks me up. This was just a fun little thing I thought of and I can't wait to buy/get more charms!

This is her necklace. Her ring has a purple stone in it.
Don't be fooled though, it was only $2.

This one's mine. Blue is more of my color so that's the one I chose for myself.

Us together with our necklaces.

Happy belated birthday, Nan!

With love,


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a great gift!! I bet she loveed it!

Brianna. said...

I did love it! :) :)