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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally x2!

Yesterday I went to the Albertville Outlet Mall to see if the Nike store had the shoes I want. Nike Free running shoes. Like walking on clouds. Well...they didn't have ANY. Like, really? I was pretty disappointed. However, I did score some other great deals on the clearance rack! Love me some clearance.


Ya know the shoes I was complaining about in my last post? I finally buckled down and bought them...online! Woo! I am so excited to get them in the mail but I'll probably already be moved in at school and I'll have to drive back up here to get them of have my mom mail them to me. Boo on that.

I am so, so excited about them though. I designed about 4359487362059 pairs on Nike.com and finally found a color combination that I liked. They are mainly black with some pink and white accents. Gotta love that pink! You can also personalize the logo on the top of the tongue so on the right foot I put "Carpe" and on the left foot I put "Viam" meaning "Seize The Road." Counting down the days until they arrive!

So that's "finally #1."

On to number two.

Now please don't judge. I absofreakinglutely love getting my hair cut. The massaging my scalp is the BEST part ever. The last time I got my hair cut was back in February. Yep...that was almost 6 count 'em SIX months ago! Gross, I know, but my hair grows so slowly and right now it's so long and I love it! Well I finally gave in and got it cut. I blow dry and straighten/curl my hair almost every day. Not getting my ends chopped off for six months really does something to them. It wasn't pretty. But NOW...lovely straight, not split, ends. Ahhhhhhh. The choirs of angels are singing.

Looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend as it will only be me and Mama in the house! Floating on the lake all day Friday. Nothing could get better.

I think I'm thinking too far ahead to this weekend thing but it's definitely appropriate. It's not like I have a countdown going for the days until I move in to my apartment. coughfourteencough.

What are all you lovelies doing this weekend?

With love,

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