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Monday, July 25, 2011


I really, really, really, really, really need new running shoes. I love the ones I have, but for the past few months I've had super bad shin splints and feet pain. So the only thing I have concluded is that I need new shoes because these ones just aren't doing the job.

I used to have Under Armour tennis shoes...loved them. However, they were cross trainer shoes so they weren't the greatest for running. Then I got on the bandwagon (if there really even was one) with Vibram Five Fingers shoes. Don't know what they are? Here you go...

Call me crazy but I absolutely LOVED them. As a beginning runner I could crank out 5-6 miles EASILY daily. Why I stopped using them I'm not exactly sure. Probably because my podiatrist told me they are quite bad for my feet unless I'm training for a barefoot marathon...which is what they are supposed to be used for mostly. They have other purposes such as swimming and stuff but since I just used them to run they weren't the best choice.

I also have to mention that I have extremely flat feet and have to wear orthodics for my feet to sit properly. With the Vibrams I could not wear my orthodics...so that wasn't good. I was also a fan of the Vibrams because I could tell my calves were getting bigger! If you don't already know...I have calves the size a 12 year old girl would have. Honestly, I hate them. I try everything with working out to get them bigger but it's genetics. Yuck.

Anyway...so then I got another pair of Under Armour shoes--the ones spoken of above that just aren't doing the trick. I really love the Nike Free running shoes but I have yet to find a pair with the color that I like. I've tried designing them online but I just can't commit to spending that money without seeing them in person! Such a dilemma...any suggestions? I really want to get the Nike Free 3.0 because they are lower to the ground and lighter weight for more of a barefoot feel (like the Vibrams). But I've only tried on the Nike Free 2.0 because that is all that is in stores. Does anyone have the 3.0 or any other running shoe they would recommend? I'm headed to Albertville Outlet Mall tomorrow to check out the Nike store. Maybe they'll have something for me.

I apologize for the long (and maybe boring) post and thank you so much if you've stuck with me!

With love,

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