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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A whole lot of catching up to do.


I've been SOOO busy! 

So in my last post I told you guys that I was on my way to Illinois to see my NEW niece. And let me tell you...she's adorable!

Isn't she the cutest little nugget you've ever seen?!!? I think yes.
I love you so much already, little Tatum Alexis, and I can't wait to watch you grow into the little princess I know you're going to be. And since you're my godchild and niece--and not my baby--I'm going to spoil the heck out of you and give you everything your little heart desires. But don't tell your mommy and daddy that! Now hurry up and get your little tushy to Minnesota so I can see you more than once a month! #likeeveryday

Since we obviously couldn't spend every waking hour seeing the baby, we had to find things to occupy our time. One morning, my dad, older younger brother, and I went golfing! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Let's just say it wasn't my best round of golf.

We also went to the Abraham Lincoln museum and his house that he raised his family in.  I am a huge history fan so being able to see all of this information was so cool! We made it a bit humerous too. Pictures explain :)

The Stracks and the Lincolns!
(Creeper to the left.)

We are both very deep in thought.

Honest Abe had something in his nose.

Dad is not really a huge fan of Mr. John Wilkes Booth.

The youngest brother and me!

According to the sign I read, this is the most photographed picture of the Lincoln house.
 So I just had to snap a shot, too!

The whole family (including the new dad who got to step away from the new babe to hang out
with us for a little while) in front of the Lincoln house.

After being in Springfield, Illinois we stopped in Chicago on our way back to Minnesota. We did no shopping (I almost cried) but we went to the Twins vs. White Sox game! It was SO much fun. I've never been cheering for the opposing team at a game so this was a first. Which made it even more fun. The whole fam dam was there and I even made a sign to try and get "circled" by Bert. Unfortunately, after I made the sign and after we brought it to the game and held it up for a few innings, we found out the game was on national television and so we had no opportunity to get "circled." #allmyhardworkwenttowaste.

This would be my hottie future boyfriend, Joe Mauer.
If only he knew I existed.

I LOVE my family!

Chicago skyline.

After driving for what felt like FOREVER, we finally made it home last week Sunday at 4am. Time never stopped though. We all went right back to work on Monday. I worked Monday-Thursday where after working Thursday I packed up and my older younger brother and I drove to Apple Valley (cities area) where my other family members already were for my youngest brother's state baseball tournament. They ended up taking 3rd, which isn't bad out of 40-some teams, but first is always best! One cool thing was that after reading Molly's blog here, I realized she, too, was in MN to watch her fiance coach his baseball team in their state tournament! I thought, no waaaayyy! But, her fiance coaches 15 year olds and my brothers team is 10 year olds. So I never did see her but I just thought it was one cool coincidence since she's not even from MN. She's from Kansas in case "y'all" were wondering...I think they say "y'all" there, anyway.....awkward if not...

Trying to wrap this up...kudos to you if you've stuck with me for this REALLY long blog post. I worked my booty off from 9-3 today but made some good cash money!

I hope you all had a splendid weekend and stayed cool in the hot, hot, hot, and humid weather!

I have a pretty fun week coming up so stay tuned. :)

With love,

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