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Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've seen many bloggers that do an "I Confess" post started by Rissy from Carissa Explains It All and I thought it was super cool and so I wanted to also be super cool and start doing it. I'll link up soon but tonight I'm just starting it for the first time!

I Confess.....I still love to have sleepovers with my best friend like we used to in middle school. #havingonetonight...rightnow

I Confess.....When I say I go out running I sometimes walk. #hugedisappointmentinmyself

I Confess.....I am moving out in 13 days and still have not packed one thing.

I Confess.....I wish I had more followers!

I Confess.....I honestly, really, extremely hate dislike being single.

Good thing college starts SOON!

What are your confessions?

With love,

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Brianna. said...

Single Ladies Unite. Muahaha.