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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogger Award!

This weekend I received my very first Blogger Award from the wonderful Christie at Changing From Fat to Fit!! She is such a sweet person with a HUGE heart who blogs all about running and staying fit!

You'll definitely want to follow her because she is really one of the coolest bloggers I know! ;)

Anywho...I guess I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself before awarding this award to some more bloggers!

Random Facts:

- I love to sing. I sing in the choir here at college and I am also a wedding singer, funeral singer, and I song lead at church! So if you know anyone who needs a musician at her wedding...!

- I started this blog to keep me busy and my mind off things right after my now ex-boyfriend broke up with me.

- I absolutely LOVE Smarties. My favorite, non-chocolate candy by far.

- I am going to run a half-marathon in June and maybe May, too!

- I REALLY want to do a Warrior Dash.

- I have two tattoos. One is a tribute to my grandpa on my foot and the other is my last name on my side. I am also badly craving another one...

- I am an avid hunter and can't wait to get out in the stand this weekend!

I am supposed to award 15 people this blog award as well, but I think 5 is more of an appropriate number because in all honesty, I do follow more than 15 blogs, but I don't talk to a lot of the ones I read. If that makes sense. And there is no where in the rules that says I can't change it to 5!

And the winners are...(In no particular order)...

A sweet wife of a traveling PT and mom of a furbabe, Bella.

A very dedicated future elementary teacher and bride to be!

An exercising fashion expert!

My real life best friend.

A crazy awesome athlete! She also does a lot of giveaways...:)

So there you have it!

I'm off to bed...it's crazy late and I'm STILL tired from the weekend.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday, friends.

With love,

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Christie said...

Love your post.....Also love learning more about you. I'm sure I will chat with you before Saturday but good luck this weekend. Hope you get a big one.