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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hunting Opener!

Disclaimer: If you are opposed to the killing of any animal, do not read this post.

My last post was also about day one of hunting but this one is even better.

As I was sitting up in my stand I heard some noise. Usually the noises are squirrels and chipmunks because as I have found out, deer are super quiet. So I'm looking around and I see white and brown. I wasn't facing the way I had to shoot so I had to maneuver around to be able to shoot. As I was moving I knocked a few things and made a little noise which then in turn made all THREE deer scatter. I was super bummed as I didn't even have them in my scope.

So I'm watching some more and all of the sudden I hear something again. I turn to look and at the slightest glimpse I see an ear. Yep, in the super brushy woods I pick out an ear. I keep watching and see the snout. I get my gun up and find the deer in my scope. ANTLERS! But, it is perfectly aligned BEHIND a pine tree so I cannot see any part of the body of the deer. So I wait. And my heart is pounding like crazy. And I wait. More pounding...breath. And I wait more. 10 minutes I sit there with this deer in my scope until finally some squirrels behind me make some noise which makes this deer turn broadside.

3...2...1...BANG! The deer dropped dead in its tracks...literally. Not even a high buck jump! I waited for a little while but was way too excited so I climbed out of my stand and walked over to it. I saw that it wasn't as big as I originally thought, but I was still so excited. Here are a few pictures.

I am still so excited I got something my first day. Eek!

I went out again at about 3:30 with my younger brother. We didn't see anything but we had fun with the camera...

We had fun! :)

I'm taking the morning off tomorrow because I'm babysitting my niece and giving my mom a break.

Then I am going to quilt bingo with my grandma! We go every year kind of as a grandma and me type thing and it is so much fun!

With love,

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Christie said...

OMG, I'm super jealous and super excited for you! Thats awesome!!!