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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A toolbag. No, not a bag of tools.

I went out last night! And I have a story! First of all here's what I wore:

Shirt: Gap; Jeans: Buckle
I looooove this shirt. So comfy and so "me."

I had fun for the most part but then I got a stomach ache and no longer wanted to drink so that was no fun.

We started out at a small house party which was fun AND I met a cuuuuute guy. Toward the end of the time at the house we talked a lot and kind of just got to know each other. He seemed super sweet and really nice. But just wait...

After the house we went to the bar. There were 5 of us including the cute guy...I'll call him Guy...(original, right?)

So it was Guy, me, Guy's brother and his girlfriend, and one other of their friends. We went to the bar and had some fun...they played pool, we danced, etc. I may or may not have made out with Guy on the dancefloor. By the way...since no one I really know knows about my blog, I kind of use it as an online diary. So if this stuff is TMI...too bad. Back on track!

We closed the bar and walked over to Jimmy Johns. I didn't get anything but a couple of the guys did. Everyone except for Guy and me left so we were by ourselves. My apartment is only a few blocks from the bar we were at so I was fine with walking home...except for the fact that I didn't have my apt. key. Fail. Welllll, Guy's apartment happens to be in the same complex as mine, only a different building about 2 down from mine. So we started walking there and he kept saying stuff like "you don't have your key?" or "we can't go to my apt." Stuff like that. Unlike me, Guy was quite a bit inebriated by this point. Logically, I asked why we couldn't go to his apt and he asked if he could tell me the truth. Obviously I wanted to know so he says...

Wait for it....

Waaaaiiiiitttt for ittttt....

A few seconds longerrrrr.....

"Well...I'm kind of, sort of, in a relationship thing."

Here is what I wanted to say to him: "ARE YOU F*$@ING KIDDING ME?!?!"

I was so upset.
1) I am not a cheater.
2) I dislike  hate cheaters.
3) I will not aid in you cheating on your girlfriend.

Needless to say, we still walked back to his apt. Afterall, I didn't have my apt key and my roommates weren't answering their phones. So I was going to stay on the couch until I could get a hold of someone or call a taxi to bring me to my car so I could drive back and then I would have my keys. Guy and I may or may not have kissed some more and whatnot. I will say that he did want to do other stuff but I said absolutely NOT. So he went to bed and my cousin came and picked me up. Then I got home and went to bed.

I have one question...why do I always end up meeting the toolbags?? I am 0/3 right now with the most recent guys I have met. It's pretty ridiculous. OH and that's not the end of it! Guy then facebook messaged me today and said he had fun and wanted to hang out again and even said I was "sexy." HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, PEOPLE.

What is wrong with the humanity of men these days? This just further proves my mistrust for men. And I can no longer stand it. I feel bad for the next decent guy who comes around and doesn't get any trust from me because of previous encounters.

End of toolbag story.

My mommy is coming tomorrow!!! Super duper excited for that.

That's all.
Thanks for listening.

With love,

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Christie said...

OMG Ali!!??!! Some men are just as*holes!! You did look pretty hot though!