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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's been a while.

Fall 2011 semester of college is OVER! As in bye bye, see ya, sienara, adios, peace out bi******!! :)

But seriously. I've missed blogging and talking to my friends so much! It's nice to finally relax and not have to worry about homework or studying all the time!

Hopefully I'll be showing my face around these parts of the Internet more often now.

Starting with today right before I went to work out!

And then after work when I ate a Christmas tree cake.

And my outfit from work Friday. Some people were probably like "what is she wearing??" But I loved it and that's all that matters!

I think that's all for now! Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! I work every day until Thursday when I am going HOME HOME HOME. I am beyond excited. Can you tell?

I miss last year when I got to go home for my WHOLE Christmas break but now I have to work so I can't. :( Oh the joys of being broke!

Nighty night, friends. I realize it's 3am but this lady doesn't have to work until 5:30pm tomorrow. So I cozied up and popped in a movie.

With love,

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Christie said...

Love the bye, bye....haha!! Ok, so I think we have the same white down comforter on our beds!! The Christmas tree cake, I'm addicted to!! Damn things!! And I love your outfit....I need me some of those socks to come over my boots! I better put that on my xmas list fast! :)