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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last night I caught up on one of my shows and watched Grey's Anatomy. Love that show. Anyway...

It was themed around Valentine's Day which got me thinking...

I really hate Valentine's Day. Honestly, it's a day to make girls, who don't have boyfriends, feel miserable.

Las year I had a boyfriend when it was v-day. And I guess we had fun. But it's really not all that necessary. There should not be one specific day to celebrate your love--it should be every day. Girls want to be sent flowers on random days, not just one day because it's the "norm."

I guess I'm just saying that V-day makes me sad. It always reminds me that I'm single and that I really hate it. I try to embrace it as much as I can but a girl can only be lonely for so long. ;)

Besides, doesn't everyone know why Valentine's Day is actually Valentine's Day? Has anyone ever heard of the Valentine's Day Massacre??

Look it up. :)

Have a great weekend, lovebirds.

With love,

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