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Sunday, February 26, 2012

20 to 20--Day 7

Skipped day 6--gosh I am really bad at this! But, life gets in the way sometimes and there's nothing you can do. So, on to day 7!

I figured I'd just do a short post tonight and write about blogging.

I started blogging last April after I needed something else to occupy my time after a really tough breakup. I don't have many followers, but honestly, I don't care. I mean, I would love if more people read what I wrote, but blogging to me is more of an online diary.

I never knew I could actually meet people and become friends with them through blogging. I now have more friends through blogging and one in particular, Christie, who I am so thankful for. I cannot wait to plan that race--and hopefully be able to help you plan something else!!!--with you, Christie!! :)

Blogging has been a place where I can express myself and it's also a place for me that I can go back to and see what I was doing a year or so ago.

So--thanks blogger!

With love,


Christie said...

***HUGS*** People just don't know the sweet girl they are missing! ;)

I can't wait to we get to schedule that race together, and "other" things! I'm soo excited and can't take the smile off of my face.

Jentry Nielsen said...

I just came across your blog from Christie's blog! I love your site! It is so true, blogging helps to express yourself openly! I am so glad I found your page and look forward to reading more from ya! :)