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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prayers Please!

This is a silly thing to ask for prayers for, because there are people out there who really, really need prayers, but I need them.

I had an audition today. Singing and dancing. You see, singing? I'm really good at. Dancing? Not so much. The people who I auditioned against were so good. I mean, I have rhythm and I can shake it, but we had to learn an intense dance in 20 minutes.

It is what it is and I did how I did, but I just hope they saw the potential. I hope my singing is enough to get the gig.

What is the gig you ask? Well here in MN we have an amusement park called Valleyfair. Kind of like Six Flags but not. Anyway, I auditioned to be a performer. And I REALLY want to do it.

So I'm asking, no--begging, for you to keep me in your thoughts and pray I get the job!

Please and thank you in advance.

With love,

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Carley said...

Hope everything goes your way and you get the job! Good luck!