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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

20 to 20--Day 2.

Friends. I love them--who doesn't? I have made some great friends in the past two decades...take a look.

This is Leah. We were best friends in elementary school but NEVER had the same teacher. When we were really little our families actual lived together and that's how we met. She is the type of friend you don't talk to for weeks but pick up right where you left off when you see eachother again.

Christina. She is one ahhhmazing pianist and always accompanies me when I am singing.

Emily. She's a super fun, spunky girl. We taught gymnastics together for multiple years. :)

These are a bunch of girl friends of mine. We haven't kept in touch very well, but I know they'll always be friends.

We've had some pretty great summers together. All of us together. All the time.

This is Ethan. Better known as Efan. A true, best friend if I've ever seen one.

Courtney lit up my life last year. Jamestown was definitely a better experience because of her.

And ohhhh Beth. Your craziness was awesome. Still is!

Corrie! My very first "neighboro."

Samantha. Such a reliable girl. We have so, so, so much fun whenever we are together and the laughs are endless.

Ash. A true down to earth girl and the best running buddy a girl could have! I can't wait to see what running shenanigans we get into this summer! Perhaps in Sicily?? ;)

My choir girls!

Nick! A great friend here at school. :)

Hope. Sadly this is the only picture I have of you! We met last semester and have kind of lost touch, but she is an amazing person.

Even though she's family, we'll be best friends someday. Love you baby girl.

Nan. I had much more embarrassing pictures I could have put on here but I thought I'd be nice. You are truly an amazing friend and I don't know what I would do without you. I love how I can persuade you to do almost anything. There is never a dull moment with you. I love how we can send eachother inappropriate pictures just to show our sunburns. I love absolutely everything about you and wish we could see eachother more.

I have more friends. Really, I do. There is one friend in particular I am forgetting but that is only because I have no picture on my phone with her. Maria, is my ex-boyfriend's sister is one extraordinary person. She was so easy to talk to and relate to. We still keep in tough some but she will always be the person who helped mend my shattered heart.

And Cali. I don't have a picture of your beautiful face but you are one of the most fun, sweet girls I have ever met. I think you were my first true friend in Jamestown. I can't wait for our outings this summer!

I have met so many other wonderful, indescribable people through my 20 years of life. And each and everyone of them has impacted me in a different way. I love all of you guys to bits!

With love,


Christie said...

Love all the pictures Ali.....you are truly a sweetheart and beautiful girl!

Hope said...

Wow we need to change the fact that that is the only picture you have of me. One I look like crap and two we aren't in it together.. Shoulda taken pictures halloween costume shopping.

Brianna. said...

I love youuuu! :)