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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bye bye 2011.

July July was good. No, scratch that, great. My niece was born!! We took a family trip to Illinois and got to sightsee and watch the Minnesota Twins and meet my niece.

I also enjoyed a fun 4th of July weekend with friends. August In August I moved into my very first apartment and started my sophomore year of college.

September I'm not even sure what I did in September.

Ohhh that's right. I went to a wedding and started seeing this guy whom I met there. September was a doozy. October

I ran the Mankato 10K and did awesome!

I was also Ke$ha for Halloween. November This was one of my favorite months.

I got this buck hunting! I ran the Baxter Turkey Run 5K with my family.

And had an awesome Thanksgiving with everyone home.

December I had my annual MOA trip with my mom, grandma, and aunts. Also, like most, I celebrated Christmas and had a grand ol' time.

I had a super fun New Year's weekend but that's for a later post! Whew I finished! As I said before...2011 had too many ups and downs--more downs. However, with the love of my family and friends, but especially my mom, I made it through. I honestly cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store as I'm sure it can't be worse than 2011. Here's to living up this year as big as I can!! With love, Ali

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Christie said...

OMG, your neice is so darn cute. Makes me want to have another, not really, just makes me want to babysit someone elses!! :) Hope 2012 is awesome for you!!