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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Wedding on New Years.

For NYE I went to a wedding. I wasn't sure how fun it was going to be, because, quite frankly, when I go to weddings I like to drink...a lot. However, I had signed up to run the Polar Dash 10K New Year's Day. I must admit though, I had a LOT of fun. The other girl I ran with was also at the wedding, so I knew we would be suffering together the next morning! The runners!

My mother and me.

Dad, Mom, and me!

Love her.

Happy New Year! And the next morning...

We did it! With love, Ali

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Ashley said...

hi alli! thanks for your sweet comment! My husband or a friend will take my pictures, and then I edit them :) I use corel editing system... thanks so much!