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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Top Treadmill Tips!

Anyone else having trouble uploading pictures? When I go to upload it doesn't give me a "browse" button. Hmph.

Sometimes I dread running on the treadmill. Okay, all the time unless I'm REALLY feeling it. During the winter months, though, I need to get in my running somehow, so the dreadmill is the only option.

I've come up with some tips to make running on the treadmill so much easier!

These are only from my own experiences and most people will want to find a routine that works best for you!

On to the goods...

-Choosing a treadmill:
Choose a treadmill where the track looks newer. As in, the white marks and writing on it? Make sure that's not all worn off. This means it is a newer treadmill and it will be MUCH easier on your legs. Trust me on this one.

Bad experience...the gym I go to has multiple gyms. The one in my hometown has treadmills from the stone age, people. Literally, I could not walk when I got off the treadmill and that was only after 1.5 miles!! I kid you not, friends! I can run on the treadmill with ease in my college town gym!

-Before the run:
Have a sweat rag/towel. Nothing is worse than running and having sweat drip down your face and into your eyes. A simple folded paper towel you can get right at the gym will do just fine!

-Have distractions:
I read, watch tv, AND listen to music. Unless a really good tv show is on where my headphones would be plugged into the treadmill's tv, it is plugged into my iPhone listening to music.

Have a water bottle so you don't get exhausted and need to get off the treadmill and stop your momentum! But also don't slow down if you need some water. Nothing is worse than starting again after you've stopped.

-Trick Yourself:
Along with keeping yourself occupied, I have found myself running SO MUCH farther when I don't know how far I am actually going. I have a paper towel covering up all the numbers on the treadmill so I have no idea of anything other than how fast I am going! Seriously, not even calories burned...your mind calculates it out!

Find some good eye candy and pretend like they are watching! You know that hot guy will actually be watching, so do yourself a favor and keep going so he doesn't think you're a wimp!

I have found it easiest to stretch after my run. If I stretch before my legs are dead to the world and feel like jello!

I have found that this as my daily running routine and it really works!! Last night I ran 5.5 miles without even knowing it. Fab.u.lous.

Happy running!

With love,

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Christie said...

WOW 5.5 miles. You go girl!