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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Funny things.

A few things I hear from people while working in a department store...

1. "That looks really good on you!" Obviously this is something I will hear...but honestly people...some things just don't look good on you.

2. Here's a story. I am not claiming that I am a fashion designer who knows everything about clothing, but I've worked in retail for a couple years now and I'd say I know more than most.

Some lady came up to me and asked me to find a top to match this one skirt in the store. First off, I don't think anyone should be caught dead in this skirt. Second, I showed her a navy sweater and she didn't want to wear navy because "the navy that was in the skirt looked black." Lady, the navy looks navy. And adding a navy sweater to the outfit makes it look even more navy!

Crazy people I tell ya..

3. We also have a promo going on with either 15%, 20%, or 30% off. Depending on what they got in the mail. Well, our motto is "Yes We Can" so when people come in and say they "forgot" their 30% (coincidence, right?...no.) we have to give it to them. It grinds my gears so much! Seriously, you didn't get a higher percentage off so quit lying about it! It happened to me more than once at the end of an eight hour shift so let me tell you, Ali was not a happy sales associate.

Sorry if you are these types of people. Well, not really because I KNOW none of you are!

With love,

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