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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What The Weekend Held...

Oh the lovely weekend. It was indeed very lovely. For the first weekend of the summer we had SUN! And let me tell you...it was hot, hot, hot.

Friday night, after my dad got done playing softball, we drove down to the cities to watch my little brother's baseball tournament. It was a really fun time and they ended up taking FIRST in the whole tournament! Congratulations to them...they are 10! They definitely worked for the win, though. We went into extra innings in the championship game. Boy was that a nail biter! If that's what happens when I watch my brother, I can't imagine how it's going to be when I have my own child. That won't be for a while...but still!

Tan lines and painted toe nails.

My toesies needed that. I must say that I hate painting my toe nails because of the fact that I am such a perfectionist that it takes me for.ev.er. to paint my nails because there can't be any paint anywhere but the nail. I hate myself for it sometimes!

Sunburn...enough said. Yes, it hurts as bad as it looks. Yes, I DID put sunscreen on! I guess my body isn't used to the sun after the LOOOONG Minnesota winter! Today I got to sit in the shade though, so that was amazing.

I had a fantastic weekend with my family! :) I hope everyone else enjoyed the weather as much as I did!

With love,

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