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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend...

Was full of fun!


I pretty much didn't do anything all day Friday. Not that I remember anyway so it must not have been too important if I did do anything! Every year around this time, my town holds the "Dam Festival." The Mississippi River flows right through the middle of our town with, you guessed it, a dam! So there is a park where this festival is held. Music, street dance, parade, fireworks, food...the whole shebang. Well...I didn't go. I've gone in past years but it's just not that appealing to me so if I have something else going on, I wouldn't rearrange my plans to be able to attend the Dam Festival. And I did have other plans. I babysat :) Friday night I babysat a 10 month old cutie patootie little boy named Michael. He's so fun and I love bebes.


Saturday was the most fun part of the weekend. I was in a golf tournament ALL day long. Well, okay, not all day...but it seemed like it. That 18 holes of golf can get pretty lengthy. I was on a team with my dad and two other people. Usually the women ride in one cart and the men ride in another cart. This year was no exception. I was with a lady named Shirley. SUUUUPPPEEERRRRRR fun! I know her daughter, so I guess now I know where her daughter gets her personality from! We had so much fun. I made jello shots, she bought other drinks...it just led to a good time.

Here is me and my dad. :)

And Shirley and me!

After the golf tournament we went to the house of the people who put on the tournament for a potluck. That was also very fun. After THAT we went to my cousin's graduation party of which I have no pictures from. :( But let me tell you...that was really fun too. We played bean bags (my favorite outdoor game) in which I dominated. However, we lost out in the tournament because my partner couldn't pull his own weight. Let's just say that my shoulders were starting to hurt really badly from all the weight I was carrying! ;) My bedtime that night was 2:30am...yeah. BUT...you can't beat fun with friends and family and alcohol! It was a good ol' time!


Sunday was a day of doing nothing all day. I came home from the graduation party, (we slept over...for obvious reasons) took a shower, and went back to bed! I was so, so tired. It was Father's Day, though, so later I did some yard work and then the family and I went out to Perkins for a delicious supper. Let's just say I had a massive food baby. We then came home and continued to do nothing all night. My favorite.


During the week (Monday-Thursday) I coach girls softball and boys baseball. My softball girls had a game this morning against another town. We WON! Woooo! Even though there are some things we REALLY need to work on, I am proud of my girls for doing their best. I mean, we've only had practice three times. So needless to say, I'm pretty happy.

I also ran today! It felt oh so good good gooooooood. I just love working out. Honestly, I never want to go to the gym but as soon as I'm done I feel so ahhhmazing! Well! there's a recap of my weekend...hope I didn't bore you too much!

Have a great rest of the week. :)

With love,

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