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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I guess you could say I am a Gleek. I'll admit to it and I'm NOT ashamed! I absolutely love Glee. I aspire so much to be one of those actresses.

Secret: I get chills and teary eyed EVERY time I watch Glee...and now at the Glee Live Concert! (Corny I know, but that is my dream. If I could have anything in the world it would be to be able to dance and sing in front of a crowd or on TV for my career.)

So last night I went with my friend, Sam, to the Glee concert in the cities. We had nosebleed seats...but I didn't care. I tried to get better seats from a friend who was working there, but to make a long story short, she was busy and wasn't able to get us different seats. :( Oh well...at least she tried! Back to the concert...it was ahhh-mazing. Despite the screaming girls sitting right behind us, I had such a fun time listening to all the songs I love from Glee. Oh..and Puck was pretty easy on the eyes as well! And yes, they all sound just as GREAT live as they do on TV. Crazy, right?!

After the show we stopped at Champps in Maple Grove for a bite to eat. Waffle fries...YUM YUM YUM. I got home at 1:30 and went to bed at 2. Needless to say I was pretty sleepy today. BUT, well worth it!

Enjoy some pictures :)

I won't overload with too many pictures so this is all ya get!

Have a great night!

With love,

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