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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

News Flash.

Today the official times for my 10K were posted.


My time was 59:51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I am so dang excited about this. My goal was to get in under an hour and when I crossed the finish line the timer said 1:00:13. I will admit I was bummed. I knew that was the unofficial time but I didn't think it could be more than 15 seconds off!

So today I am in a super good mood. Besides the fact that I have to read 60 pages for a class tomorrow. But let's not worry about that!

Another thing...

I signed up for another race! It's only a 5K but it's on Thanksgiving morning and I'm doing it with my mom and aunt and maybe a few other people that we are trying ot recruit to do it. It's called the Baxter Turkey Run. How cute is that??

So on Thanksgiving I'm going to get to do two of my absolute favorite things...RUNNING and EATING!!!

Thought this was so funny.

My grandma makes the BEST Thanksgiving Day dinner. So I'll get to run in the morning, go home and get ready for Turkey Day, and then go to Grandma's and eat eat eat. Gosh I cannot wait.

With love,


Christie said...

OMG!! Ali, that's an awesome time! You have got to be super stoked about it. Mmmmmm, and I love Thanksgiving. I love every one getting together, catching up, and all of us stuffing our faces! :) Congrats!!

Sierra said...

Congrats on achieving the goal! 10K is always a tough distance. I rather do 15 and not run as fast. Kilometers 7-9 kill me. Running plus eating is true love. Good Luck!

Ashley Slater said...

congrats on your time! That is AWESOME! I have never ran more than a 5k officially, and I would love to bump up to a 10k and then a 1/2 marathon!

also, for the past few years I have been running the turkey trot on thanksgiving mornings, it just makes eating the food THAT MUCH BETTER that day!