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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mail Time.

I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail. Once I order something I track it constantly and wait anxiously for it to arrive!

What I have recently received...

-The CUTEST little baby outfit for my niece. She's such a little 4 month old turkey so I got her this:

The butt also has a turkey on it. How sweet is that?

-I just received my PureFit health bars in the mail. I hafta admit that I don't really like them. I honestly think if I would have gotten a different flavor I would really like them, but I got chocolate brownie and it's just too much chocolate for me. SO I've decided that if anyone here wants them you can have them! I'll ship them to you because I just don't want them to go to waste! Let me know. :)

I am currently waiting on...

-My iPhone 4S which I preordered 3 weeks ago and it finally shipped today!

-A surprise package from my best friend who lives 5 hours away. The only reason I know I'm getting something is because she asked me how I get packages since I live in an apartment. She's not very sneaky and not good at lying.

-A bracelet from Ashley! She is making the most awesome bracelets to sell because her poor baby pup needs knee surgery. :( Seriously though these bracelets are legit...she'll even customize one for you! That's what she did for me! :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Tomorrow I'll be running errands and cleaning all day until I partake in some Halloween celebration festivities! :) And on Sunday I have a choir concert and my family is coming here. I am beyond excited.

With love,

So P.S. If you guys want to send me something in the mail, I would love you forever! ;)

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Christie said...

I love surprises in the mail!! I got those Pure Fit bars to. My flavor is Peanut Butter Crunch....I can send you a few if you want!