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Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm alive!

Just a quick little post to stop in and say YES, I AM still alive!

I know I've been a bad blogger lately but LIFE has gotten so busy with school, work, and trying to train for my race TOMORROW in between.

Yep, I am doing a race tomorrow! So excited I can't even contain myself. It's only a 10K but my mom is driving 3 hours to come watch! Love her.

My original running partner backed out because she hurt her knee running the other day. Personally I think she could suck it up, but that's coming from someone who has chronic shin splints, bad hips, and bad knees! Anywho...good thing she doesn't blog. ;)

I must go check on the banana bread I am baking right now. It smells sooooo good!

I hope you all have fun weekend plans! Check back soon because I'll post about the race! :)

Cheers to the weekend! And, no, unfortunately I'm not drinking that right now for purposes of the race tomorrow. But you can bet I wish I were!

With love,


Sarah Grecco said...

You are the cutest thing ever! Love the wine pic. Wish I was there to cheers you.....haha!

Isn't it the best when your mom shows up for a race!!?? My parents actually worked a water station at mile 18 of my marathon and it was SO GREAT to see them. It kept me motivated up to mile 18 and on a high after....

Get Up & Go

Christie said...

So great to see you again!! :) Good luck on your race....Can't wait to hear