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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I love me some football. However, I'm not one to pay attention to any other teams but my own. Except this week. My most hated team plays MY team. In fact, they're playing right now and it is such an intense beginning I don't even know where to start describing it. Did I mention they are league rivals?


I LOVE my team. Now I just wish I could be at home screaming ridiculously at bad calls OR pure JOY at the tv with my dad!

ONLY man who looks sexy with a mullet.
Leads the whole dang league in sacks.
His wife is having their first baby.

I'd say he's pretty damn awesome.

Well, we just got ANOTHER touchdown.

Score: 14-7 VIKINGS!

We're looking pretty damn good with a rookie quarterback. Christian Ponder is making his first NFL starting debut today. And I hafta say that with how impressive he looks, I hope he is making Leslie Frazier (Vikings coach) regret every decision he has made about keeping Donovan McNabb in for way too long.

With love,


Sarah Grecco said...

Who doesn't love Sunday football!!??

Get Up & Go

Have an awesome Sunday!

Christie said...

I love me some BOYS in TIGHTS!! Football is my fav sport to watch. Played powder puff in Highschool, was QB! You get me, love it!! :)