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Saturday, May 28, 2011

One of "those" days.

Remember this book? It was one of my favorites.

But yes...one of "those" days.

You definitely know what I am talking about.

The days when you cannot listen to any music because it all reminds you of one thing no matter what kind of music it is.

The days where not even retail therapy can help you. I know this from experience...did you know you can wander up and down EVERY SINGLE aisle in Target for TWO HOURS and still not be able to make your mind focus on something else?

The days where you just break down randomly because you have too much on your hands and it is nothing anyone can help you with.

The days where you have to text seventeen people just to get that one person off your mind.

The days where mowing the lawn is fun...because it keeps you busy.

The days where you just have to unload on someone, who you do not talk to often, just because you want one more person to know your story.

This was my day. From the moment I opened my wet eyes this morning to the time I'll close them tonight. Thank you for listening to my raging tangent. I'll try to (WILL) make my future posts less depressing.

Hope you're having a better Memorial Day weekend than I am!

With love,

OH! The only upside of today is that I had a job interview that went fairly well AND that I found some good stuff at Target. :)

With MORE love,

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