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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Revenge.

So...my bad day on Saturday got so much better yesterday.

I thought it was just going to be a regular boring Sunday, but it turns out it was way better than that.

First of all, I went to church in the morning by myself. I have to say that I love going to church by myself because then I have no one to distract me with anything. However, when I arrived at church a very, very dear friend was there with her adorable twins. They also happen to be the ex-boy's family. I love them to bits. So after church I went and chatted with them for a bit and ended up finding out from Maria that her other sister would be there later with her two kids as well...(YAY for me!)

After church, then, I went home and ended up going golfing with my older younger brother. Needless to say...it was fun, but, I did very poorly. There's always next time! FYI..I tried to post pictures but Blogger is not letting me. UGH :(

When we finished golfing we came home and had a few beverages of choice and played beanbags! That was super fun too. I then got sleepy and took a short cat-nap.

I ended up taking my brother to a friend's house and then went over to the lovely family's house spoken of above. I took the two older kids to the park and we had a blast :) We went back and hung out with all the kids which is always fun because those kids are so darling...ages 8, 5, 21 months and 21 months. That's right...the last two are TWINS! They are so adorable and look nothing alike. Sadly, they are moving to Seattle in about a month. I am heartbroken. That's for another post at another time though! I played ball with Grantie and tag with Hannah and then we sat around the fire after the twins went to bed. I was going to leave about an hour before I actually did, but we got so caught up in talking and catching up that I just couldn't leave. As I said before...I absolutely love that whole family and love spending time with them. It got dark and was time for me to leave :( Before I left though, I chatted with Maria a little while longer...I swear we could talk for days without stopping. We finished talking and then I went home.

When I got home I sat around another fire with my parents and another couple of their friends. That was a great way to top off the night. And today I went to the Randall Cubs baseball game and caught up with some great friends. Overall, yesterday and today made up for the worst day ever (Saturday).

What is the deal with my title you may ask? Spending more time with the ex-boy's family than he does is the greatest revenge I could ever think of. If you didn't know...he gets quite upset (not completely sure why) when I spend time with his family. I can't really go into too much detail...so that's enough! Muahahahaha.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

With love,

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