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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lucky Guy #2

And boyfriend #2 goes to....Peter!

Peter and I met while on a choir/band trip to a show when I was in 10th grade. Personally, I thought he was kind of an ass, but as the night went on, he eased up.

Somewhere in between that we exchanged numbers and kept talking and soon enough we had our very first date at Perkins. The date went really well and he asked me to be his prom date. Of course, as a little sophomore who was barely allowed to go to prom, I said yes.

Shortly after that we were dating, etc. After his graduation that year we hung out all the time during the summer where he lived on the river. So we went boating and canoeing all the time.

After the summer had ended he moved to college--4 hours away. We talked all the time and he came home to visit and I had gone there a time or two with his family.

Come February apparently he'd had enough of the distance and broke up with me. I was absolutely heart broken. I'd never had my heart broken like that before and obviously the feeling sucked.

Soon enough I had gained interest in another boy--my brother's best friend. Well, as timing had it, Peter wanted me back. But I couldn't just drop everything for him because I was talking to another boy.

Peter and I had met up a couple times and I kinda wanted to go back to him, but I couldn't bear to break the heart of the boy I did end up start dating. So that was the end of Peter and me--in a very short explanation.

On to boyfriend #3 (hopefully) tomorrow!

With love,

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